About Us


Khin Maung Soe and his wife Thain Hla came to America after serving 4 years in the Nopo refuge camp. They arrived in Los Angeles, California on September 11, 2008. They immediately moved to Brooklyn, NY and got a job in a cheese factory which paid them $7.25 per hour they could not afford the NYC rent.


Two months later they moved to Buffalo NY in November 2008. They both got jobs as dishwashers and worked 60 hours a week. In 2010, after saving about $18,000 they opened the first Burmese Grocery store at 113 Grant Street. In 2011 they opened their second grocery store on Niagara Street (Lower West Side), near Tops Market.


In 2014 they bought the building on 927 Tonawanda Street in riverside. They opened up a their 2nd grocery store on one side of the building and opened up the "Lin Restaurant" specializing in authentic Thai and Burmese Cuisine! They have the most talented cooks from thier region, hence jumping into the Restaurant Business


They have 2 son's ages 7 & 12. The Soe family have been very commited to their community and have directly contributed in helping develop the westside, Riverside and the City of Buffalo.










They are true examples of the "AMERICAN DREAM"!

Nopo refuge camp.